Nowadays there is a trend in the companies to avoid having testers in the teams and have developers test its own software. In my particular case it has been years since I have had a tester on my team. In general, testers have been moved outside the small teams and placed where they can test the system as a whole and not an api in particular.

Recently, a fellow colleague said a phrase a got stuck in my mind since then and made give another look to how I test the software I write:

The worst you treat your software…

Have you noticed that everywhere you could work as a Java developer, there is a 90% chance of Spring -and specially Spring-boot- being the library of choice, regardless of the business, company size, etc?

I was thinking that there has got to be a reason for it. Everyone uses it, the community is huge, you do not hear too much about tools other than Spring. Is it because nothing comes closer? Is it performance? Is just simplicity of development? Is it because almost every java developer knows it?

After using it for quite a few years, I have come to…

A broad topic this time. In this article I will present a guide about how you can run your application inside Docker and, from there, take it to Kubernetes with Helm. I will try to explain the basic concepts to ease the understanding of what is going on, but I will not go in too deep to avoid information overload.

This guide will be driven by a sample project that I have built, so I will be referring to it in many places. You will find it on my github repo here. …

Many lines have been written about JPA, Hibernate, pros and cons. For some, the sheer mention of such tools sounds as if someone was invoking the raise of hell itself. For others, they are just tools that simplify a few things, make others worse and require tons of tuning.

There are compelling reasons in both sides. But I would say I belong to the second group. JPA/Hibernate can make you save tons of time and they even make the code look clean and concise… but you’ve got to know what you are doing when you need to ship production code

Ignacio Cicero

I’m a back-end software engineer working in finance. I write about Java and tech that I decide to research.

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